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Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia, in Lima, Peru. Accredited to Bolivia

The diplomatic relations between the Republic of Indonesia and the Republic of Peru were formally established on 12th August 1975. Initially, the Indonesian Embassy in Brazil was accredited concurrently to Peru. Afterwards, on 20th February 2002, the Indonesian Government opened its Embassy in Lima. Meanwhile, the Peruvian Government opened its Embassy in Jakarta on 1st November 1992.

The Indonesian Embassy in Lima is also accredited to the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

In the beginning of Indonesia-Peru relations on trade relations, it is recorded that both countries began to trade at least since 1967, prior to the opening of the Indonesia-Peru diplomatic relations in 1975. Meanwhile, diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Bolivia were established earlier in 1963.

Indonesia, Peru and Bolivia have a common interest to amplify economic cooperation relations to stimulate economic growth and improve people's welfare. This is a potential entry point in where the three countries could further elevate the bilateral relations into a higher stage. The three countries consider economic diplomacy as a priority agenda.

In addition to cooperation in the economic field, Indonesia and Peru are very active in seeking cooperation opportunities in politics, tourism and other sectors.

The three countries have maintained fruitful cooperation in a number of international forums, for example in Group-77. On top of that, Indonesia and Peru are members of the APEC. The continuous and regular contact between Indonesian officials and the two countries also has created a solid foundation for each of the bilateral relations.

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